Era of Blogs Coming to an End?

Lou Hoffman, a communications consultant, says many corporate blogs fail to attract readers because they exist solely to pitch products and are badly written. “Companies don’t understand that the content on a blog shouldn’t be ‘about me.’ ” Such information tends to be dull.” Still, engaging blogs can serve crucial marketing goals — especially executives […]

The Next Web is reporting that Twitter is easing up on the follow requirement so that users with a verified account won’t have to follow a user who wants to message them, ask for a direct message and later unfollow them after the communication has ended. Twitter Begins Allowing Direct Messages With Verified Accounts Sans […]

I personally prefer Twitter to Facebook. It’s a constant update of information with links to anything is > 140 characters. I don’t have to get someone to “friend” me since I can just follow their feed. Overall, it’s much easier to interact with folks, just @mention them and, wham, you’re in the stream. I like it for the same reason I like Tumblr, ease of use.

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