Era of Blogs Coming to an End?

Lou Hoffman, a communications consultant, says many corporate blogs fail to attract readers because they exist solely to pitch products and are badly written. “Companies don’t understand that the content on a blog shouldn’t be ‘about me.’ ” Such information tends to be dull.” Still, engaging blogs can serve crucial marketing goals — especially executives […]

Share your FB/Twitter/other social media login with an employer? No, I wouldn’t either. I can’t believe an employer considers this acceptable policy. Even more, a college asking student athletes for access? Do we remember the Sandusky or Fineman messes at PSU and Syracuse? What about the lacrosse cases at Duke or Virginia? Each of them involved a coach or student athlete. Do colleges really want to be responsible for policing this? I don’t think they want that kind of headache. Having access to a student’s social media comings and goings means the university is potentially liable for preventing something or handing over evidence. It’s not as though 24/7 monitoring will guarantee nothing embarrassing will surface.This does not even address the freedom of speech concerns. Private speech is just that – private. We could prevent all kinds of horrible things from happening if we lived in a totalitarian state. But we don’t. I, for one, am not impressed with the arguments of seeking to prevent potentially damaging/uncomfortable events. We live in a free/open society. It does not come without some risk, but the alternative can hardly be called freedom.

Red Tape – Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords

My Response to Skimlinks: It’s not a secret. We do monetize social discovery, and it’s great.

I posted the following to the blog of Today, they are in a public relations response to user awareness of Pinterest’s affiliate links practices. Essentially, Pinterest changes your affiliate linked items with their own. Skimlinks helps make this happen. I dont’t think Skimlinks has clean hands on this one. They are clearly making money […]

Good explanation of social media for the non-techies out there. I am using this video in a presentation later this week. It clearly points out social media is driven by the masses and they have a voice when it comes to your product. (Source: