Pinterest Sharing

In an interview with, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said users who try to pin from sites using the code will see a message telling them “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting! Pinterest Will Let Web Publishers Opt Out With Code This is the […]

My Response to Skimlinks: It’s not a secret. We do monetize social discovery, and it’s great.

I posted the following to the blog of Today, they are in a public relations response to user awareness of Pinterest’s affiliate links practices. Essentially, Pinterest changes your affiliate linked items with their own. Skimlinks helps make this happen. I dont’t think Skimlinks has clean hands on this one. They are clearly making money […]

Anytime a user pins an item that has a pre-existing affiliate link, Pinterest uses a service called “Skimlinks” to swap out the original for its own. This cuts out the kickback to the original curator of item should a Pinterest user click-through and make a purchase. This is not how you convince your members to […]