Do not develop in the open. Instead, make source code available after innovation is complete Google should favor Motorola with new Android builds, internal doc suggests This is more evidence Google is changing before our eyes. Sure, there have been rumors this was happening with preferred vendors. This is just another rumor at this point, […]

Other services may be declaring you have to use your real name because it will help advertisers monetize you better. We’re focused on serving our users first, and we believe that by serving our users we’ll have a better platform for advertisers. Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter Why Twitter Isn’t Worried About Google I wouldn’t disagree […]

Google has just released a HTML 5 optimized Music Beta player for iOS 4, announced via Twitter. Google releases HTML 5 optimized Music Beta app for iOS | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence The hits just keep coming for Google today. This is why they can’t be underestimated and pegged as a bunch of geeks without a clue.

The app doesn’t offer a full-fledged blog post editor, but instead it offers simple photo uploading, tagging and location services, concentrating on features that complement mobile blogging. Google Launches Blogger App for iOS This really is a big deal. If Google (via Larry Page) can reorganize itself as a forward looking company (and is willing to shed […]

I believe that the web is being fundamentally rebuilt around people and the world of advertising will fundamentally change because of the emergence of the social web. Why I left Google. What happened to my book. What I work on at Facebook. – Are you thinking inside out? This is the hard part about people […]