Is Oracle Killing the Web?

Should this come to pass, numerous products will suddenly find themselves on an uncertain legal standing in which the previously benign but now newly empowered copyright holders might assert punitive copyright claims. Chief among these would be any re-implementation of an existing language. So, Jython, IronPython, and PyPy for Python; JRuby, IronRuby, and Rubinius for […]

Fresh off the heels of Google entering the home entertainment space, BGR is out with a new Wall Street Journal report that the Mountain View, California company is prepping a Dropbox competitor. While I was dismissive of the first report, this one might have legs. Google would be a natural for the sort of personal digital locker that has made Dropbox an indispensable part of the iOS ecosphere. Without Dropbox, getting files while away from your desk is next to impossible. However, if Google Drive (the supposed name) is real, Google would have a real winner on their hands. Imagine, all those Gmail users with additional storage for images, word processing files and presentations. It would by naturally synergistic with Google apps. A baked in version of Google Drive on Android devices would instantly capture marketshare. Want to show off your family photos, but forgot to sync them before you left home? No problem, just copy them to the Google Drive folder on your computer and they will be available when you get to Granma’s house. Double ditto for business users. While this might put some pressure on Dropbox (and Apple), the real loser here is Microsoft. Their online offerings have been suffering as of late. If Google can add more value to your Google Apps, Microsoft will be hard pressed to ignore it. It’s not unreasonable Google could offer this in addition to free Gmail, instead of with paid Google Apps. They already give you 7GB of email space. What’s a few more Gigs between friends.

Google reportedly prepping free Dropbox competitor

Google entering into this space is a non-sequitur for me. I get the connection with Motorola Mobility, a recent purchase. But, Google has never really been about hardware. They would immediately jump into a crowded space with no history. I am going to chalk this up to rumor until I see the press release. [Update] It looks like there may be more to this story than I initially believed. is reporting that Google has already created these devices, made an initial filing to the FCC and has shown off prototypes (last year no less). I still want to see it first before I believe it, but it appears closer to reality than most Internet rumors.

[Updated] Google developing Android-powered home entertainment system

Bradley Horowitz, VP of Google , said today that users would have the option this week to add a nickname, maiden name, scripted name, or any other additional name to their profiles. However, this is only an additional field and doesn’t replace the standard first name / last name that’s required for Google ; we presume […]