Era of Blogs Coming to an End?

Lou Hoffman, a communications consultant, says many corporate blogs fail to attract readers because they exist solely to pitch products and are badly written. “Companies don’t understand that the content on a blog shouldn’t be ‘about me.’ ” Such information tends to be dull.” Still, engaging blogs can serve crucial marketing goals — especially executives […]

I couldn’t disagree more. It sounds like this author has only seen G+ and thinks that because FB has “innovated” something new, it wins. Wrong. I like G+ precisely for the reasons this author panned it. I can follow folks with no problem. Want to read posts from Guy Kawasaki? Go ahead. There’s no problem. Many more updates instead of Farmville updates. Seriously, G+ got hit for having a better feed? This guy knows nothing. None of my friends are on it, so it sucks? I recall FB being there not too long ago. Ever heard of GMail? Yeah, all those people are a profile away from having a G+ account. G+ user interface is outdated? Why, because FB put out a new Timeline last week? It’s ok, but I would’t prefer it. It’s crazy hard to follow and the FB on my FB in the upper right (News Ticker) is stupid. G+ stream is not condensed enough and we hate scrolling? Dude, you already have to scroll on FB. Have you ever even used FB? Where do I think FB has an advantage? The Open Graph platform. Genius idea. But, you think all Google’s engineers and money will be wasted? No, they are coming for FB. Hard.

10 Reasons Facebook Is Better Than Google

Seriously? This is a bad move by Spotify. If you want increased users forcing them to have an FB account is not the best solution. I use FB because I have lots of friends on it. If given a choice, I would choose another platform, like G+ or Twitter. FB is fine, but has few updates through out the day. However, for Spotify to tie itself to FB means there is no other way to create an account without FB’s blessing. Might as well send any money/ad revenue to FB and call it FB Music Service.

Spotify now under full control of Facebook | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

However, Facebook has an automated system in place originally designed to collapse flurries of posts published by users playing spammy social games. That system causes any posts present in a user’s news feed that were published by an API publishing tool with a same App ID, whether from one or many Pages or users, to […]

I believe that the web is being fundamentally rebuilt around people and the world of advertising will fundamentally change because of the emergence of the social web. Why I left Google. What happened to my book. What I work on at Facebook. – Are you thinking inside out? This is the hard part about people […]