Era of Blogs Coming to an End?

Lou Hoffman, a communications consultant, says many corporate blogs fail to attract readers because they exist solely to pitch products and are badly written. “Companies don’t understand that the content on a blog shouldn’t be ‘about me.’ ” Such information tends to be dull.” Still, engaging blogs can serve crucial marketing goals — especially executives […]

I also use both. But, I can not ignore that Tumblr gets ~98% of my time. WP has become a place for a simple CMS I use for clients. Sad. I think it is a great platform and one that brought me to blogging in the first place. I just can’t ignore how easy/social Tumblr is from the ground up. stoweboyd: Richard McManus shows the numbers for Tumblr and WordPress. Tumblr is growing much, much faster than WordPress, and then tries to explain it: The two services offer different things, so this is somewhat of an apples and oranges comparison. is a fully-fledged hosted blogging…

Stowe Boyd: Tumblr Is Crushing WordPress, And Stealing The Future