Google entering into this space is a non-sequitur for me. I get the connection with Motorola Mobility, a recent purchase. But, Google has never really been about hardware. They would immediately jump into a crowded space with no history. I am going to chalk this up to rumor until I see the press release. [Update] It looks like there may be more to this story than I initially believed. is reporting that Google has already created these devices, made an initial filing to the FCC and has shown off prototypes (last year no less). I still want to see it first before I believe it, but it appears closer to reality than most Internet rumors.

[Updated] Google developing Android-powered home entertainment system

This is the first video I have seen with iOS 5 beta vs the new Windows 8. So far, it looks like Microsoft understands they have to bring good features and style to the table. I think they have done it. This is a good looking OS. Things I like: Home screen has blocks with […]

Jespers also showed off the ability of Adobe’s software to allow developers to quickly created tabbed applications, or add features like automatically rotating between portrait and landscape mode. By checking the appropriate boxes, developers can easily export their mobile software for Apple’s iOS alongside BlackBerry Tablet OS and Google Android. If this development works as […]