This is taken from the excellent book, “Agile Web Development with Rails” by Sam Ruby, et al.

  1. Install Xcode from the App Store. Verify with “xcodebuild -version”.
  2. Confirm git with “git —version”.
  3. Install RVM with “bash
  4. You will be prompted to run “source /Users/esilvas/.rvm/scripts/rvm” in all open shell windows. You can also run “rvm tools rvm-env ruby bash” to generate shebang wrappers for easier ruby selection. You will be asked for your password to proceed as it appears the script uses sudo.
  5. Close the current terminal window and open another one so your bash profile will reload.
  6. Enter “rvm install 1.9.3” as this is the current and recommended version.
  7. Once installed, use that terminal window/environment and type “rvm use 1.9.3”.
  8. Type “gem install rails”.
  9. You will need to type “rvm use 1.9.3” every time a terminal window is opened. You can set a default value by using “rvm —default 1.9.3”.
  10. Verify installation by typing “rails -v”.