I posted the following to the blog of Skimlinks.com. Today, they are in a public relations response to user awareness of Pinterest’s affiliate links practices. Essentially, Pinterest changes your affiliate linked items with their own. Skimlinks helps make this happen. I dont’t think Skimlinks has clean hands on this one. They are clearly making money off Pinterest, who is clearly making money off both the aforementioned affiliate links and copyrighted content.

I am posting it here because as of this writing, some seven hours later, my comments are “awaiting moderation”. I am in no position to attribute any particular reason my comments await moderation while others have been posted. All I can say is this, many of the other posts are supportive of Skimlinks and mine are not.

I get that affiliate linking is part of the monetization process. I simply think Pinterest, and Skimlinks because of their affiliation, is missing the point. Editing user data is the problem. Why should I trust Pinterest when they have proven that editing my content is fair game? I develop social media applications and one thing I would not do is edit user content. If the user can not trust you to leave their content alone, especially if it’s not infringing/hate speech or otherwise illegal, you have a big problem on your hands. Once you convince yourself of this small edit, the next one becomes easier.