After much thought and (a little) hand wringing, I have decided to move to the dedicated WordPress hosting platform. So far, it has been a difficult process to extract it from my Bitnami managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. But now that the process is complete, I look forward to a (much) faster website and perhaps fewer problems for me to manage.

I don’t like paying for something I can do myself, but time is also money in my world. Between a wife, three kids and 1 1/2 full time jobs, I will take the help at this point. I will update periodically with my experiences and overall thoughts. So far, it was easy(ish) to move my things over. The real problem was the ridiculously hard process of exporting my database from AWS. Bitnami makes the default phpMyAdmin secure by allowing only localhost access. Great. I love it. But, even after gaining “local” access for my laptop, it would not accept my password. After many attempts and an hour later, I just entered my WP database credentials and moved on.

I wish I could have that hour back.

I then followed the copious WP Engine steps for setting up my new install. Overall, it was fairly easy. The devs and product managers at WP Engine should be proud of their setup. From start to finish, it took me less than thirty (30) minutes. I have moved WP installs with iTheme’s Backup Buddy and they also took thirty minutes. The main difference is that iTheme will change your URLs for the new site while WP Engine assumes you are using the same one. It’s a safe guess, but not in my case. The Bitnami WordPress install script has everything under and I had to edit my database to gain admin access. Once that was accomplished, everything fell into place. Oh yeah, I already changed my DNS so it propogated more quickly. WP Engine tells you to test it out, but hey, I went for it.

Here’s to my first hour on WP Engine. I hope there are many more to come.