Good explanation of social media for the non-techies out there. I am using this video in a presentation later this week. It clearly points out social media is driven by the masses and they have a voice when it comes to your product. (Source:

As much as I agree developers should not try to game the system, I think Apple has much to blame here. They require developers to sell apps through them.You can’t get anyone to look at the Cydia without telling them a jailbroken iPhone is necessary.Anyone who has taken the time to create an app has to wait an eternity for a response.Apple is in charge of your app’s advertising (to a large extent) and presentation. In the end, this is going to happen no matter what. Now, Apple is using their big stick to prevent someone from doing what happens in the real world every day of the week. Heard of coupons? Buy one, get one free? These are also devices to get you to purchase an item you might not otherwise purchase. I still think Apple should open the App Store, no matter how hard I might be tilting at that windmill.

Apple Has Declared War On Developers Who Cheat Their App’s Ratings

This is too funny. collegehumor: Girl Scout Cookies We Wish Existed [Click for more varieties] (Source:

No matter where you are, everyone wants a TARDIS. doctorwho: My Other Commute Is In A TARDIS. Doctor Who + BBC America ad on the train in New York. (via Twitter / @SJHochman: A Tardis?) (Source:!/SJHochman/status/164134817099825153/photo/1)