My Response to Skimlinks: It’s not a secret. We do monetize social discovery, and it’s great.

I posted the following to the blog of Today, they are in a public relations response to user awareness of Pinterest’s affiliate links practices. Essentially, Pinterest changes your affiliate linked items with their own. Skimlinks helps make this happen. I dont’t think Skimlinks has clean hands on this one. They are clearly making money […]

Anytime a user pins an item that has a pre-existing affiliate link, Pinterest uses a service called “Skimlinks” to swap out the original for its own. This cuts out the kickback to the original curator of item should a Pinterest user click-through and make a purchase. This is not how you convince your members to […]

We would like you to manage our website. We’ve previously had a dream weaver to do it, but he has started college and is too busy to work on it. (via clientsfromhell) Dream weaver. Yes, that was my former name. Now, I go by TextMate.