Wish I could say it has gotten better

But, I am still pretty busy. Launching a new product while maintaining the existing product takes all your time. Product requirements, marketing, direct technical staff, customer support. It’s a handful. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It feels good to see all your plans come to life and see potential. Small steps and even […]

Laravel so far

Like any developer, aka working product manager, I am often in search of new tools to add to my development tool belt. We’ve all asked and answered the same question, “What is the best product to perform X?”. Answer: “Whichever one you know”. However, no matter what technology is in your tool belt, adding one […]

Moved to WPEngine.com

After much thought and (a little) hand wringing, I have decided to move Laterboy.com to the WPEngine.com dedicated WordPress hosting platform. So far, it has been a difficult process to extract it from my Bitnami managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. But now that the process is complete, I look forward to a (much) faster […]